why tock for pagu?

"I first met Nick Kokonas two years ago in Chicago to discuss Tock and its function in the Alinea group, as well as in other fine dining restaurants. I thought it was a useful tool that helps restaurants manage expectations, and plan ahead in many ways, such as managing labor and product costs, minimizing lost revenue from no-shows and cancellations, etc
Initially Tock was offered to and being used by fine dining restaurants. I thought it could be a useful tool for restaurant openings, and wondered if it could be adapted for more casual restaurants. Two years later now, Tock has evolved significantly: it is used worldwide in restaurants and not limited to fine dining; it offers a ‘deposit’ option, not just a full ticket purchase.
PAGU believes in taking care of people, guests and PAGUs alike. We believe this is the best tool in the market to do so in both the short and long run." - Tracy Chang

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Reserve your table at PAGU restaurant, bar, and cafe, where we celebrate local ingredients with techniques and flavors found in Japan and Spain. Four Course Tasting Menu and a la carte menu available.


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Our restaurant is designed to transform into any space imaginable. We offer a variety of spaces that can be reserved for exclusive use. Allow us to provide a customized experience to welcome you and your guests for every occasion.