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"There are restaurants that bill themselves as “chef-driven,” and then there’s next-level Pagu...Tracy Chang has created a dining experience that reads like a page out of her culinary diary. "

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Improper Bostonian: pug beautiful

"By the force of her personality and considerable kitchen talent, she has forged something remarkable here, yoking the bluff, noisy charms of the izakaya and taberna to some of the more refined ingredients and techniques of Japanese, Spanish and French cuisines. Amidst a restaurant scene full of lame knockoffs, sequels and retreads, PAGU feels breathtakingly fresh.

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eater Boston: heatmap june 2017

The year had just begun when Pagu opened, but it crashed right onto the scene with a frontrunner for the best dish of the year: the braised pork belly bao (pickled cukes, fried shallots, peanuts). Don't miss the jet-black squid ink bao, either, stuffed full of fried oysters. Pagu is a playground that highlights the varied talents of people owner Tracy Chang has met along the years and places she has traveled and worked.

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zagat: Hottest restaurants in boston

"Chef Tracy Chang previously co-founded Guchi's Midnight Ramen, a cult favorite pop-up series that helped fuel the modern ramen craze in Boston. She revives Guchi's ramen right here, so look no further for your fix of noodles, pork belly, and a six-minute egg."

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olive the noms: pagu

If you meet Tracy Chang, she’ll make you feel as if you’ve been dear friends with her for years because she brings a bright light to any conversation. This O Ya alum recently opened her own Japanese/Spanish restaurant in Cambridge; PAGU is actually one of my favorite spots in Boston. I love eating at the counter just so I can watch Tracy majestically carve the Jamón Ibérico. I sat down with Tracy and she made me a comforting congee with a killer chili sauce and soy marinated soft egg for breakfast. We discussed the opening of her restaurant and I got to hear all about her path.