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What is Pagu?

In a meeting with our graphic designer, we explored the option of changing one of our three pillars, “Food”, to “Cooking”. The motivation was to create a more cohesive phrase visually and auditorily, but this proposed change could not capture the essence and entirety of “Food” – Our philosophy goes way beyond cooking. “Food” captures the warmth, laughter, and love you feel, as you share a meal with family and friends. Food evokes the electrifying butterflies dancing in your belly as you take the first bite of a new dish or ingredient. Food is the vehicle of which we exchange stories and nurture budding relationships.

It is the farmer who dedicates their days and nights tending to crops and livestock that is translated in the quality and flavor that we experience through sensory explosion. It is the scientist who researches novel ways to maintain sustainable and impactful agricultural practices. It is the mother and father who work multiple jobs tirelessly to provide a meal for their family.

In short, “Food” is not JUST something we eat.

So what is PAGU? Like “Food”, there are intangible aspects of PAGU that can’t be captured eloquently nor accurately in words. It is more than a restaurant. It is more than an experience. Like our mischievous and resilient pug friend Phoebe, PAGU is a dynamic and transformative soul that pushes our friends and guests to live life fully, literally and physically. Through food and service, we aim to celebrate family, friends, innovation, and creativity, among many other things. Inspired by our local excursions and travels around the world, we challenge ourselves to create feel-good homey food that speaks to the body and soul – something that consistently spoke to us no matter where we were, regardless of the cuisine.