Reflecting on 2 Years at PAGU

As we at PAGU reflect back on our first year open, we are reminded of the lines that we straddle and the delicate balances that must be struck. We find ourselves determined to highlight the culinary beauty of two distinct cultures, to create a dining experience greater than the sum of its parts. We keep one foot in the past, paying homage to traditional preparations, while placing the other foot in the future, motivated to push the envelope of what a food experience can be. We strive to respond to the needs of our community, to be mindful of our role in the greater food and health arenas, while at the same time not sacrificing our identity for fleeting trends.  


It is with this need for balance in mind that we march into our second year with a stronger focus on health, sustainability, and community. PAGU has always created delicious, soulful food that is also good for you, opting for whole ingredients in lieu of fillers with our Wafflato that uses potato instead of flour, our yam-based ice creams with no stabilizers, and our Chocolate Cake with silken tofu instead of egg.

PAGU napa cabbage a la plantxa by TC.jpg

We've been in dialog with our community, discussing the need to push even further by accommodating dietary restrictions and encouraging more sustainable lifestyles. We've responded by adding separately printed Vegan and Gluten Free menus and our chefs are excited by the challenge of making vegan and gluten free dishes worthy of the PAGU menu. This fall we've added a number of new items including the vegan Tempura Brussels Sprouts with Fresno Peppers, house hot sauce and alioli; the vegan and gluten free Napa A La Plantxa featuring sous-vide Napa cabbage in a sesame dressing; and our vegan and gluten free Kale and Shaved Brussels Salad..

Balance does not stand still and neither do we. We are always looking forward, pushing ourselves to be better. We cook soulful, healthy, and sustainable food not just for people, community, or fleeting trends, but in an effort to genuinely live the future of cooking.

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